Bangalore, Booze and Brains

When you thought that this city was all out of surprises, it threw one at me last eve. On a monsoon hit Thursday evening, Tarun and I made our way to a pub called Night Watchman. I know that’s not enough news to write a mail about, but wait…there’s more!

The USP at night watchman is that on Thursday nights they conduct a quiz,
aptly named ‘Brains and Booze’ thus making all the guys without the brawn, wanted.
In my case off-course, even the first part is doubtful.

So, having settled in and armed with a pen and cards with our table number untidily scribbled on them, began a night of learning.

The sequence of events goes something like this:
Play a song, follow it up with a question, give in the answers, listen to another song, Get the answer. And the sequence repeats for a while. Though, to make it even more fun You have rapid fire rounds. And off-course the Do or Die round, when I first heard of this round, I thought it was the booze, but there was actually a do or die round. Here 5 questions were asked and you scored for a right answer and points deducted for a wrong one.

We did and died!

It’s amazing what one can remember on a couple of drinks, I still remember a lot of the questions, Here are a few from last night.

Which is the oldest brand logo?
If you had ‘PEK‘ written on your luggage, where would you be going?
Who was the first Hollywood actor to endorse cherry blossom
Deep valleys caused by glacial movement, commonly found in Norway and Iceland are called?
What is man who sings at the lowest vocal range in a choir called?
Who was the highest prize winnings in golf in the 2004-2005 season?
What are the Airline code printed on Kingfisher airline tickets?
Which air line would be the first one to fly the Airbus A380?
Which was the first band to perform on the great wall of china?
What is the basic ingredient of Lip stick?
Which country does the liquor Drambuie come from ?
Which country has the tallest inhabited building?

The answers are given below.

Oh yeah almost forgot to mention, the winning table didn’t have to pay the bill,
We didn’t win, but hey who said playing was about winning. It’s about trying ….
even when one is a little high…hick, hick

It was great fun and a novel idea. I look forward to returning next Thursday ;)

1. Johnie Walker
2. Beijing
3. Charlie Chaplin
4. Fjords
5. Bass (also Basso)
6. Vijay Singh
7. IT
8. Singapore Airlines
9. India’s very own - Euphoria.
10. Coco butter.
11. Scotland
12. Taiwan


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