Energy sequrity is the what will be required in the future, and not only that, the energy must also be renewable. The danes sped ahead with wind power, the scots are leading the way with tidal energy. They are setting up tidal farms of the coast of scotland which will start supplying power to them in an attemp to erradicate their power shortages. This type of renewable source of energy must be looked at in the Indian enviornment too!!

Red herring | Tidal farming's new wave

Interesting to note that there is no Nobel prize for maths! Prizes like the Abel prize, named after Niels Henrik Abel fill this void. This year it went to Sir Michael Atiyah and Isadore Singer for their "index theory". This theory helps figure out how many possible solutions there are to a problem. more..


NASA has decided to stop servicing the Hubble space telescope, a pity because Hubble has been
of great service to the Scientific community. The Hubble, however, continues to serve. Recently
it took pictures of galaxies considered 13 billion lightyears away, 400 million years after the big
bang. Economist | Hubble's last stand?


The fortune magazine recently ran an article on how Google is changing the face of Advertising. It is turning it around, from producers reaching out to an audience, to the audience refceiving ads when they search for something on google.

The idea is simple yet ingenious, products are associated with keywords, when one of the keyword is typed out by the user the companies advert comes up. The company that pays the most for a keyword gets it's advert presented first. When the user clicks on the advert, Google cashes in!!



Amidst all this debate on the IIM fee reduction, here is an interesting statistics, Of the world's 862 million illiterate adults, 61% live in India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Wonder if all the hype and media publicity is directed at the right place. If young kids won't get an education, they will never reach a stage where they will be part of an esteemed education institute like the IIMs, reduced fees or no reduced fees!

Radio Frequency identification is the next big wave in technology. Scott McGregor of Phillips Semiconductor tells us a little more about them and their applications.

In the future they could be every where, from your cell phones to movie posters, that will tell you through your cell phone more about the movie and where it is running. RFID is coming


An interesting article on an e-retailer adapting to local conditions of China.
Great learning for The indian market as well, as we have similar conditions here too.
Business Week | An E-Tailer with a Lot Riding on Bicycles