Fire Away!!

Sunday, the only day I get "off" these days, well technically atleast. Today was special though.

Most MBA students would come to B-school and join a finance club or a investment club, I decided to join the Weapons and Tactics club I have only one explanation for why I might have done this, I must have been influenced by Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War" !

Anyway, I took the subway, to a place called Fortress Hill. I expected a prison, but came across a shooting range in an apartment block. HK is great at making something out of nothing; I am hoping it will do the same for me.

A few quick instructions about how not to point the gun at others, and we were firing away (pellets only). There were two types of scenarios. One, where you had a set of targets, and you had to knock them down before your opponent knocks down his; almost like a duel. In the Second scenario, you had to shoot at some targets behind wooden walls and through windows.

There were times when my pistols magazine dropped out while shooting because I pressed the wrong button; or when my gun wouldn't work because I had the safety lever on; or the time when I had to change my magazine in between and the magazine wouldn’t come out of the holster. But apart from these minor mishaps, I felt like Billy the Kid.

A Sunday well spent on acquiring a skill that is sure to come in handy in the corporate battles that I might have to face in the future.

PS: pictures will soon be up.


Racing Into the Future

The races in Hong Kong, are part fo the local culture. Every wednesday trams, busses, MTR filled with people head out to Happy Valley (gee wiz!). There are the serious lot who win money, and there are people like Thomas (left most)and Me who go for fun and loose money.

The University Main building

courtesy:University of HK


HK: A Free Economy

I find that Hong Kong is a true capitalist (read free) economy. There seems to be no concept of MRP(maximum retail price). This was even more startling when I saw that McDonald's, the firm that believes in standardizing everything, actually has differential pricing. Supermarkets of the same chain, are more expensive in certain areas and cheaper in other places.



Hi guys, i have gotten back to blogging, this time i have re-surfaced in Hong Kong, i am here to do an MBA. Class starts tomorrow and I look forward to you coming along on my trip through the orient.

This picture should whet your appetite. It's taken from Victoria peak, behind the university.